Farmers market20150905_115333

Every year in the first weekend of September the regional farmers organize a big Farmers market at Kwekerij Siem Munster or one of the local colleagues. Here the farmers and producers of fresh products show what day make and let the visitors tast, feel and smell the beauty of their regional products. There is a big variety of products: fresh garlic, pumpkins and strawberries but also biological cheeses, pot plants, fudge, and… much much more.

During the market a lot of activities are organized. Last edition a traditional horse and carriage game was practised, painted faces for the children, demonstration slow cooking, demonstration flower art, little goats to pet, trampoline…. A party for young and old !

Also the coming edition of the market is going to be a farmers fresh spectacle, it is going to be a special weekend in the greenery! 20150905_121238

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