At Kwekerij Siem Munster the employees are partly permanent and partly temporary at our service. Just like a lot of colleagues in agriculture we employ besides Dutch people also people from eastern Europe. We try to find the right balance in Dutch and foreign employees. In this moment we are not looking for new employees, but for enthusiastic employees we can sometimes find a free place in our greenery. For our workers from abroad we offer accommodation on our property. WE have 8 full equiped houses, every house accommodates two workers, with an own bedroom for each of them. Bathroom and kitchen is shared with the two of them. The houses are furnished completely and our workers can use the laundry with 3 washing machines and 3 dryers.

In this moment we have availability for workers:

  • 2 experienced tractor drivers to help our bulb harvesting team from 20 June until 20 July.
  • Enthusiastic workers for our bulb peeling proces from 23 June until 1 August. Come with friends, working together is always nice!
  • Allround worker for different tasks in our company: tulip bulb growing, agriculture, tulip flower greenery. This is a full time job for which experience is preferred, but not a must. An enthusiastic working attitude is more important. You work together with a team of people varying from 4-40 people, depending on the season.
  • Picking workers for our tulip greenhouse, full-time from January-May, experience not obligated.
  • Packing workers for our tulip bunching line full-time from January-May, experience not obligated.

Are you interested in one of the above vacancies? Send us an e-mail at !

You just left school? In our company it is no problem that you miss relevant working experience. Inform without engagement about a full-time job in our company. There might be a place for enthusiastic, hard workers.

Are you still in school and looking for a job during the weekends and school holidays or internshipContact  and we inform you about the possibilities.

We pay our employees according to the collective labor agreement for greenhouses. We have a pleasant team with flexible people. Do you think you would fit in our company? Click here if you want to know more about a job in our company.