Welcome to Munsterflowers


Kwekerij Siem Munster is an agricultural company that is specialized in growing tulips. The company is located North of Amsterdam, in the polder Wieringermeer, directly along the highway A7 (Groningen-Amsterdam).

With a team of employees varying from 3 to 30 persons, depending on the season, we make sure we produce around 8 million tulips in our greenhouses. Next to the cut flowers we grow around 25 Hectare of tulip bulbs in the fields, partly for our own greenhouse production, partly for wholesale.

Next to the tulip greenery we grow other agricultural products. In our fields you can find potatoes, wheat, grass seeds for crop rotation and bird feeding fields to improve biodiversity and bird diversity.

Next to the agricultural activities we organize excursions in the company, there is a camper park and we have meeting rooms for business relations.

Siem & Sandra Munster